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Independent Women Films

As well as working as an actor, as a female in the film industry, I recognised a lack of opportunities for my fellow female filmmakers, so I set up Independent Women Films; a short-film festival to celebrate the work of female filmmakers.

Independent Women Films is preparing to enter its 3rd year in 2018.  

Strong Female Lead Mag

How a Festooning a carpark with Flowers led to a Film Festival

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Lend and Tend

I'm also a keen environmentalist, community activist and founded LendandTend.com a garden-sharing site to curb the curse of garden shortages.

The Green-Fingered Match-Maker

Celebrate Green Goddesses on International Women’s Day.

Sharing your garden? How renters can reap the benefits

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In between auditioning, learning lines, researching roles and garden centre gallivanting, I write. In the bag are a sit-com and several treatments for short creative ideas that I'd love to collaborate on. I post poetry, ideas about environmental actions and improving diversity on Medium and on Tumblr. I also consult and oversee arts and environment based projects. Interested? I'm on Linked In.


Joyce Veheary, that's an unusual name, how do you pronounce it?

It's jɔɪs vəhɪəʳri: 

What do you like doing?

My Instagram betrays my bake-fails but I'm a keen cook, mad about growing vegetables and all that gardening means, so long as I work at keeping the weeds down, I can have my cake and eat it. I take great delight in watching plays, doing voices, silly walks and Shakespeare insults. I like travelling, teaching people how to "perform" in role-play and training sessions.

What makes you angry?

The Gender Pay Gap. People who throw bags of dog poop in the woods and The Croydon Cat Killer.

Who would you like to be for a day?

Anyone with good knees! Simone Biles! I'd do slut-drops, cartwheel and run everywhere.

Favourite food/ place/ book

Poached eggs/ in the woods/ Ark Baby by Liz Jensen.

Any special skills?

I'm a good mimic and can do good braids

Spirit Animal

Penelope Keith. I love a flashy Kaftan. (Dear Universe, I would love to work on a period drama. Preferably the 70's.)


To talk about any of the projects above or anything else get in touch.... 

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What's Next?.

I shot an episode of McMafia, a Warner Feature and a short called Shallot recently. Check IMDB for news.